Greg Pallis smilingLondon’s elite private tutor, Greg Pallis was educated at Westminster and Oxford (Wadham College, First Class Honours).

After a thankfully brief foray into management consultancy, Greg began teaching at Bruern Abbey School in Oxfordshire – a unique boarding school that takes in pupils with learning difficulties and prepares them for re-entry to mainstream Independent schools. Greg taught primarily Maths, learning S.E.N. skills from the school’s specialist staff, and achieving results at Common Entrance that were the best of any department. He also read bedtime stories, delivered sermons about pirates, taught English to the scholarship candidates, and was permitted once per year to turn the entire school into an enormous game-show based on the Crystal Maze.

In 2008, Greg was lured back to London by the siren song of his own former prep school. At Westminster Under School, the “golden ticket” of U.K. primary education (Good Schools Guide), Greg was entrusted with extensive responsibility for admissions (alongside the typical teaching commitment of fractions, decimals, intergalactic space battles, one-to-one scholarship preparation in the humanities, etc). Not only did he write the Maths papers that determined admittance to London’s most selective prep, he was also trusted to mark the English papers. As a result, there might be no-one who knows better what the top schools are looking for in a candidate.

Over this time, Greg also began making a series of educational videogames to challenge and motivate his pupils. These were to evolve into PlayBrighter, a subscription-based website now used by hundreds of schools around the world to teach everything from French Verbs to Veterinary Nursing. Greg continues to make educational games under the PlayBrighter brand, most recently for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Greg now divides his time between one-to-one tuition and his other educational projects. He’s worked with pupils aged from 6 to 48, and helped the children of everyone from showbiz royalty to actual royalty to get into their first choice schools. If you’d like to join them, do book an appointment.